The Good, The Bad , The Ugly…Foyer

Hey lovelies!

Are you ready to tour the before and after photos of the farmhouse? Today we are starting at our front foyer. This area was dingy and in desperate need of freshening up! We did a complete overhaul on a very tight budget. I’ll let the results speak for themselves.

Come on in!


Yuck!! That is all I can say about the original foyer. It leads to the back of the house which was equally as gross! I knew we needed to open this space up any way possible.


First, we pulled down all the drywall leading into the study and the back of the house. Look at all that light flooding in. WOOP!!

All the small steps of progress kept a girl going!


I found the vintage french doors from a local shop. We extended and widened the doorway to the back as much as our structral engineer would allow. Also, I got rid of an unaccasble closet and moved the powder room door from the dining room to the hall. We took a transom from another entry and placed it above the powder room door. We put a chandelier in the powder room and I love being able to see it through the transom. YAY for character!


We put new floors down because the original wood couldn’t be sanded any more. After a lot of scrubbing, painting, and a little blood, Viola! Here it is today!

We do plan to add vertical shiplap to this area but Lord have mercy, that AIN’T happening any time soon!


That’s the drywall guy. They truly had their work cut out for them. NOTHING in this home is square. I centered a new light and we took that old thang down!


Maroon stairs…that is all.


PAINT is my best friend in this farmhouse!!! The stairs turned out great although I still have to apply a second coat but… I’m thinking of painting a runner?!

What do you think? Painted runner or no painted runner? That is the question.






The beautiful sunset makes it all worth it!


Countless nights of burning the midnight oil. We worked as late as we could, then would drive 45 min back to our home in town. Tired. Very tired.


It’s a big foyer but the maroon stairs sure didn’t help!


So fresh and so clean clean!!……..

When you have been covered in dirt and grime for months, white is a WELCOME color! Some would see a stark room but I see a fresh and neutral palette. I’m taking my time decorating this space. For now, less is more!


Here is a peek at the back of the house. That drywalled support beam on the ceiling is where the wall used to be. We are planning to wrap it in wood..later.


You will see more of our family room in the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your visit.

Come back soon!

Love, Katrina


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