One Room Challenge- Week 2: Living Room Makeover


ORC Blue

We are already on week two of the One Room Challenge. If you are just tuning in you can catch up here: Week One

To be honest, so far so good on the progress. I made a schedule for each week and what needs to be accomplished. The one item that I TRULY need to work on is the actual blog posting. I’m good at working with my hands and dreaming of how things should be done but typing it all out is a whole other story. The good part of being an interior designer is that I’m an expert (I use that term loosely) with the process of putting a room together. It’s all about the layers. I will share more details about layering later in this post.

My goal is to walk you through the process and teach you how to achieve a designer quality room without the degree. Follow along for the next few weeks and take some notes. By the end of the challenge you will be able to tackle any room in your home like a pro! Hopefully I will be able to tackle this writing thing… I should have paid better attention in English class.

OK! Let’s get some visual interest in this post!!!!

This week is all about sharing my inspiration and explaining what exactly is


French design encompasses a wide variety of architecture and style.

For me, it’s about warm, neutral tones that provide a simple backdrop for the accents.

French Design

  • vintage chippy furniture
  • seltzer bottles
  • galvanized metal (make sure its nice and rusty)
  • olive branches or boxwoods
  • wicker baskets
  • demi Johns and other glass collections.
  • black iron/metal work
  • simple and uncluttered
  • natural Linens






French Grey


Industrial Design

  • raw materials found in nature
  • leather and natural fabrics
  • mixed metals
  • deconstructed
  • lots of texture
  • concrete, iron, and metal
  • simple and uncluttered
  • curated


French Grey



Fixer Upper



Apartment Therapy


Are you getting inspired? I know I am! We have two design styles left.

Farmhouse Design

  • simple and uncluttered
  • vintage chippy furniture
  • the color BLUE!
  • galvanized metal
  • organic materials (wood, flowering stems)
  • natural linen
  • wicker baskets
  • signs (any and all)
  • textures
  • LOTS and LOTS of whites and creams
  • curated collections


Liz Marie Blog


Fixer Upper



Miss Mustard Seed

Last but certainly not least, we are talking all things modern farmhouse! This style is only a few years old and has taken the décor world by storm. It’s quickly becoming the go-to design of both interior designers and consumers everywhere. I look for it to stay around for many years to come. It’s classic, refined and combines both the old and new seamlessly!

Modern Farmhouse Design

  • simple and uncluttered
  • mixed metals
  • clean lined furniture
  • neutral backdrop with pops of color
  • bold accents
  • amazing lighting
  • natural linens
  • leather
  • raw materials found in nature
  • large-scale artwork
  • gritty industrial elements next to soft texture
  • buffalo check, stripes, or plaid patterns are a MUST!


img_7176                                                                  Dear Lillie

img_6618                                                                  Studio McGee

img_6544                                                                   Patina Farm

img_6476                                                                   Cote de Texas

img_6980                                                                    Greige Design

THAT’S IT!!! That is all you need to know if you want to create any or all of these styles in your home. Now, as I post updates each week you can follow along and understand how all the pieces will fit together! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, I will be doing insta stories this week as progress is happening. (and sofa delivery is Tuesday, I’ll be sharing a sneak peek)

I had so much fun creating this post for your guys! I know there wasn’t much of an update on the room, I’m saving that for next week! This was all about laying out design.  Now, it will be easy to shop and curate the home we love and share with family, friends, and my extended family (you)!

Go see what everyone else is up to this week. One Room Challenge -Week Two – Guest Participants





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