One Room Challenge: Week 4 – Living Room Makeover

ORC Blue

We are in the home stretch of the one room challenge! This has been such a fun experience and a little stressful at times. Now that I’m in the final stages of decorating I feel a little overwhelmed at what’s left. It’s all in the details and I’m a perfectionist about every detail.

Remember, we are making over our LIVING ROOM. The room we LIVE in everyday. That has proven to be a challenge. I’ve been very careful to put the pillows on the sofa for a dry run and then remove them before the kids squish them and throw them on the floor. We all know pillows really belong on the floor, right?! I love what I do, and I love having nice things. I don’t think because you have children you should sacrifice on good design and décor. Don’t get me wrong I know there are limits but lets be real; A home is a refuge for everyone not just a place for children to run a muck. We have rules. The children are not allowed to eat on the sofa, but they CAN put a blanket on the floor and have a picnic. They can’t run across the furniture, but they CAN run around the kitchen island. It’s all about perspective. I sat the kids down and explained that we respect our “things”. We take care of our home and treat everything in it with care. They understand that in life there are rules and although we aren’t perfect we strive to be responsible. It’s working pretty good so far. We do live in the country so things will happen and that’s ok!

Let’s get to the progress! I did make some buying decisions this week. My husband and I went to the High Point Furniture Market last weekend. It was so much eye candy, we left so inspired, as always! We then did a little shopping before hanging out with our good friends over dinner. It was a much needed adult weekend. If you follow me on Instagram you saw on my insta stories that I found a throw, pillows and a few other necessities. I’m happy to report, they all look good in the space. Winning!!!

If you are just tuning in here are the previous weeks.

Week 1                 Week 2                 Week 3




These book were laying around the house and I think they are the perfect hutch décor. I simply painted them in my favorite white chalk paint.


I love this side table. Its a reproduction of a vintage crank and the top is reclaimed wood. (see below) I purchased this piece prior to moving in from one of my vendors. I found a similar table that is available online, I will link to it at my week 6 reveal.



I snapped this quick pic to show you the concrete lamp with brass base, sofa fabric, and a decorative bowl that will house the dreaded and often lost remote controls!


The coffee table was completed this week! The base is made from 1″ square steel tubing and we love it! My husband did an amazing job on it and I cant wait to show you the final result!


The blue hutch was topped off with a collection of demi johns and the barn door slider is done to our girls art nook.

I hope you enjoyed the progress for this week. I’ll see you again in a few days for the final update before the big reveal on May 11th!

Catch the progress from the other talented designers and bloggers here.

one room challenge: guest participants




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