Hey yall! Welcome to my little creative corner of the world. My name is Katrina and thatΒ sexy Β handsome man beside me is my husband, Scott. We are a duo, I design and he builds. The picture above represents the beginning of this blog story. I was very pregnant with our third child and life was crazy. Little did we know very soon everything would change. It wasn’t long after our daughter Avery Grace was born that our hearts yearned for more…actually less. Less work and more living.

In January of 2016 we bought the farmhouse that Scott and I met in nearly 20 years prior. Yes, true story. Its sits on 7 acres and was very neglected.Β We have committed to breathing life back into this home and want to take you with us.

This blog is meant to inspire creativity, spirituality, and becoming who you were meant to be. We were all created for a purpose. Let’s journey together.

Thank you for visiting. Sit and stay awhile.

Love, Katrina


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Took the tour… Via Shannon at Fox Hollow… Just Beautiful !!!!! Excited to see more ….. I do have a question… where did you get the table runner that has tassels… blue and while ?? I love it !!!!

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  2. I found your blog thru The Lettered Cottage and love your farmhouse! I am considering a stainless steel countertop for my kitchen island…are you happy with yours? I sure do love the way it looks.

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    1. Hi Christy! I love the stainless top! It does scratch easy but that doesn’t bother me. It’s a very durable low maintenance surface. Send me an email if you get it and I’ll tell you what I use to clean and polish it. Thank you for visiting the blog!😘


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